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Billy Fury of return on scene
The actor Shelled discovered in these two excellent films which are SMALL MURDERS BETWEEN FRIENDS and TRAINSPOTTING acquires from now on a world fame by endorsing the tunic and the sabre of the Master Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi in the first two episodes of the series Star Wars. Once the turning of the second completed episode, Jedi will lower the weapons to thread the perfecto of the rebellious singer who was Billy Fury. Although not very known in the hexagon, Billy Fury is a true legend in all United Kingdom.

Born in Liverpool like four other young boys, Ronald (of his true first name) embarks on the boats to gain his daily bread and discovers there the music of all the horizons, of pure Rock Roll with the Blues. He quickly composes his own titles and success is not made wait for this young man who seems to have been born with the guitar at the end of the arms. Since 1958, it connects tube on tube and rate/rhythm the life of the English during the Sixties with titles like " Jealousy ". Fallen seriously sick, Billy sees itself forced to stop his career during a time and succumbs finally to a heart attack at the time of an attempt at " come-back " in 1984 at the 43 years age.

Like all the disappeared idols rock'n'roll too early, Billy Fury became a musical legend as well as Elvis, Morrison or Hendrix. The film on its life will be made the next summer to England (thus benefitting from the lack of Outre-Atlantique competition with the strike) in which will play MacGregor in the presence of his/her uncle Dennis Lawson, actor for Lucas in the first trilogy STAR WARS.