Helen Shapiro writes in her autobiography, Walking Back To Happiness:

I nearly died one day when we were going along in the car and Peter Noble, the film buff, suddenly announced over the radio: "How's this for a success story? Helen Shapiro, appearing as a guest singer on Play It Cool with Billy Fury, has received 4,000 for two days' work."

Bert Harris, the road manager, and Greta were in the front, and I didn't know where to put myself.  I sank as low as I cold in the seat, but I could still see their faces in the driving mirror.  I probably shrugged it off with some comment about a lot going on taxes and managers, but it was a very embarrassing moment...

Play It Cool was Billy Fury's debut film.  Bobby Vee, the American singer, and I just came on for a couple of guest spots.  I sang two songs, I Don't Care, which Norrie Paramor wrote, and Cry My Heart Out.

Looking at the film afterwards, I could see why people criticised me for being wooden.  Yet I'd given it my all and was convinced I had such personality.