* This year's event will definitely take place at the Sunnyside.  However, IT WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BE THE LAST,
as the site is being sold for redevelopment as housing.
* Please take this LAST CHANCE to attend the historic site at which Billy Fury made his last public performance.
As many people are aware, I was informed last week that we could not hold the event this year. 
However, there has been a delay in the sale to the builders, who have decided that even when they take possession, they want the present staff to run the premises as at present until they obtain planning permission
for the change of use.
Maureen and I drove to Northampton on Friday.  At the Sunnyside, the manager called the owners and obtained an assurance that our show was secure.
As the result of an appeal from me that was published in the local evening newspaper, we received about a dozen offers from other venues that were keen to host our show.
Maureen and I visited those on our shortlist, and we have two first class venues available if we wish to continue in future years.
Some of the heavy furniture that has presented problems at past Sunnyside events has been removed, and I am therefore increasing the maximum attendance.
We stayed overnight at the Innkeepers Lodge, Northampton East, where the Friday night jam session is being held, and I am sure we have made an excellent choice.
The Sunnyside weekend is a unique experience. If you have not yet booked, please check out the details linked from the front page of www.billyfury.com