Sunnyside 09 breaks records Our fourth event at the Sunnyside, Northampton, on March 21, achieved the highest attendance to date. We also raised a record sum - over 1,500 - for our official charity, the Heart Fund at Alder Hety Children's Hospital, Liverpool, where Billy Fury was treated as a child. Many of those who attended have kindly contributed photographs and/or reports to the official page on I shall be closing for contributions in a few days, adding my own report, and starting to tidy the page, so if anyone else would like to add their own words or pictures, please email them to me at . I also have the server space and bandwidth to host edited video and sounds, but please contact me first before submitting files of this type. The gmail address is specially for media contributions and not for correspondence, which should continue to go to . The Sunnyside 09 page will form a permanent record, in company with the pages for Fury Fest and the previous Sunnyside events. Sunnyside 2010 Arrangements for next year's Sunnyside event are already in hand. The headline band will the superb Colin Paul and the Persuaders. Please keep in touch with developments on the dedicated page, The names and addresses of guests who booked by credit card or cheque through have been preserved, and invitations to Sunnyside 2010 will be sent automatically. Artists who performed at Sunnyside 09 will also be automatically invited to appear next year. Mailing list The mailing list recently acquired its 1,000th subscriber. If you haven't found our lively forum yet, please check it out - go to and click on Message Boards.