It's 50 years since Billy Fury's first single, Maybe Tomorrow, was issued.
To mark the event, a new feature, Maybe Tomorrow, the Story of a Song, will appear on on June 27.
The original version of this feature first appeared in the magazine of The Sound of Fury fan club, and I am grateful to the author, Chris Eley, for allowing me to carry this specially-adapted version.
Our on-line version includes a jukebox with six sound files and an enhanced video of Billy's performance on the Unforgettable television show.

Joe Meek fan Magic Daniel Heeney has nominated 12 Joe Meek tracks - six very familiar ones and six of his special favourites - for a new Sounds Special feature, which will appear in early July.
If anyone would like to suggest and compile a future feature, please email me at

I am also happy to receive once more nominated tracks of their own recordings from members of the Performers Group on Please email these to the special address and NOT to any address, then email me at to state that you have sent it. If you wish to send a picture of yourself for the jukebox, please note that the actual size used is 155 pixels wide by 125 deep - if the pic isn't to these proportions, it will be distorted, so you might prefer, if necessary, to put the pic on a background that is the correct size.
In the near future, I shall restore the jukebox to its original style, which allowed it to float over pages.

If either of the fan clubs, or any group dedicated to 60s music, would like dedicated space on, please email me at 
I am looking into the feasibility of providing space that third parties can provide and edit themselves, either with changing material, or simply with a static promotional page linking to an outside website.

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