Friday 19th-Sunday 21st March 2010, Northampton

Our annual event marking Billy Fury's last public performance at the Sunnyside, Northampton, will definitely take place next year.

Our main base hotel, the Innkeepers Lodge, Northampton East, which is the venue for our Friday night jam session, is now been booked, and I am opening a reservation list for the company's other premises in Northampton, which I hope we can also block-book when their new season deals are announced in October.

The reservations for Northampton East and the current line-up of artists can be seen on the Sunnyside 10 page on

I don't think that anyone will dispute that this year's event at the Sunnyside was the best ever.

The change in the Friday format, the increased capacity and the cooperative management at the Sunnyside made a great difference.

As you may know, the Sunnyside is being sold, with the intention of developing the site for housing, but the deal has been stalled by the recession. 

The day after this year's event, the manager, Marie, moved to another venue.  Her deputy remained, together with the existing staff, to continue running the Sunnyside, where Marie continues to hold the licence.

The future

If the Sunnyside is still available, next year's event will be held there.

If not, we will hold a Spirit Of The Sunnyside event, almost certainly at Marie's new premises, Overstone Manor, which is only a mile and a half further from the Innkeeper's Lodge than the Sunnyside. 

On the Saturday, Marie will close the venue to anyone except our ticket holders, so we will have it entirely to ourselves.

The hotel

The Friday night session will again be held at our base hotel, Northampton East. If demand warrants it, I shall arrange transport to and from other hotels and the Sunnyside.

This year, we could book three nights' bed and breakfast at the Innkeepers Lodges for a total of 79.80 per room in very acceptable rooms, then have a carvery meal from 5 a head.  Next year's concessionary rate has not yet been set, but it will be comparable.

In October, those who have reservations at Northampton East may be asked for a deposit, or it is possible that the hotel company will wish you to take over the individual booking - I am still in discussion about this.

There are several other budget accommodation providers including a Travelodge, in the area, which can be used when centrally booked hotels have been filled.

Please email me ( if you wish to reserve a room at the second hotel, Innkeepers Lodge Northampton M1.  You will also be given priority if rooms become available at Northampton East.

In previous years, I have not opened ticket sales for the Sunnyside event until the New Year, but I am planning a much earlier launch for Sunnyside 10.

Radio Fury

After the last false start, Radio Fury is again broadcasting experimentally.  The current show repeats every four hours or so with a playlist of 50s, 60s, and one or two guest tracks - 10% are Billy Fury numbers.

I shall be away for two weeks from the 29th, so I will leave it running and gauge the reaction on my return. 

This is a feature that I think really could be exploited, given some support, with (say) showcases for artists associated with, etc.  I'm open to suggestions, but if there's no interest, I won't keep flogging a dead horse.

You can access Radio Fury simply if you have Winamp (recommended), RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or iTunes installed.

Links for your browser are:

Windows Media Player:
iTunes: (if iTunes is default m3u player)

Alternatively, you can access more details by going to the Radio Fury page on