(Please note that this list of performers on this list is already out of date. The only up-to-date list is the one that appears on the Sunnyside 10 page on billyfury.com)


Friday March 19-Sunday March 21 2010

Bookings open

Booking for Sunnyside 10, our annual weekend at the scene of Billy Fury's final public performance in Northampton, is now open.

The price of tickets is increased for the first time, to 12, which is fully refundable for cancellations made by January 30.  As always, all profits will be donated to our official charity, the Heart Fund at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool.

The weekend will begin with the traditional informal show on the Friday night, which will again be held at the Innkeepers Lodge, Northampton East.

On the Saturday, the focus will be on the Sunnyside, Northampton, where we will be socialising in the afternoon and staging our main show from the early evening.

The headline band are Colin Paul and the Persuaders.

For the first time, we will have extra space at the Sunnyside, as the partition doors in the performance area will be opened, allowing us also to have exclusive use of a large area of the main bar.  This will allow the fan clubs to have permanent sales tables, if they wish.

Admission this year will be by souvenir wristband, but as usual, everyone will also receive an event badge.

To book your place, please click the Sunnyside 10 link on the front page of http://www.billyfury.com to pay by credit/debit card, or send a cheque for 12 per place, plus 1.50 per order P&P (NOT per ticket) payable to Peaksoft, to Peaksoft, 5 The Wick, 37 Esplanade Gardens, Scarborough, YO11 2AW.  Badges, etc, will be sent from December onwards.  Telephone inquiries: 01723 375770. (Telephone payment cannot be taken.)


Our support performers are all volunteers.

Their only rewards are the offer of a complimentary ticket, a souvenir stage pass, and the pleasure of appearing in one of the music world's historic setting, in front of the friendliest bunch of people anyone is ever likely to meet.

Previous performers always receive an automatic invitation to return. 

The current list of acceptances is below. 

Any other volunteer performers are always welcome to put their names forward by emailing me at harry@billyfury.com.


There are several budget hotels in the area.

Our base hotel (and the venue for our Friday night event) is the Innkeepers Lodge Northampton East, but this is now fully-booked.

If you wish to reserve a room at the chain's other hotel in the area, Innkeepers Lodge M1, please email me at harry@billyfury.com.

There is also a Travelodge in town, and several people have used taken advantage of a weekend deal at the Hilton in the past.

Please check the list of current bookings at the Innkeepers Lodges (below).  If you wish to cancel or add your name, email me at harry@billyfury.com as soon as possible.  The expected rate will be 80-90 TOTAL PER ROOM for bed and breakfast (ie 40-45 per night for Friday and Saturday, plus Sunday night free).

No payments are needed now.

The Innkeepers Lodges have carveries, which currently charge 5 for those who sit down before 7pm and 7.50 for later diners.

Performers confirmed to date

Colin Paul and the Persuaders
and in alphabetical order
Creeping Bentgrass 
Rob Dee
Geoff Howlett 
Dean Hubert 
Roger Sea
Bruce Seaton
Paul Staines 
Andrew Tween

Room bookings

Please email me to reserve or release a room.
1 Harry Whitehouse
2 Geoff Howlett 
3 Bruce Seaton 
4 Bruce Seaton 
5 Colin Paul 
6 Mags Cummings (ground floor) 
7 Irene (surname?) 
8 Dean Hubert 
9 John Burke 
10 John Burke 
11 Gale O'Mavey 
12 Roger Sea 
13 Pauline Swindells (ground floor) 
14 Paul Staines 
15 Rob Dee 
16 Rob Dee 
17 Rob Dee 
18 Phil Jennings 
19 Phil Jennings 
20 Vic England 
21 Christine Leslie 
22 Andrew Tween 
23 Pierre Petrou 
24 Linda C 
25 Kat Solomons 
26 Frank Bucknall
27 Jan Bruce
28 Margaret Dewick 
29 Alan Coombe
30 Cathy Homann
31 Cathy Homann
1st reserve: Hayley (surname?)

1 Pat and Frank Bucknall
2 Rosemary Savage

See you there!