Last year, one taxi firm ripped off some of our friends by charging up to 25 for transport from the Sunnyside.

I have spoken to Mayfair Cars, a large, reputable firm in the town, who tell me that they would be able to provide all necessary transport to and from the Sunnyside, given sufficient notice.

The journeys would be on the meter, which should be no more than about 8 for four passengers between the Innkeepers Lodge and the Sunnyside.
If you keep the taxi waiting, of course, the bill will clock up.

As a lot of people in Northampton will be wanting taxis late on Saturday night, it will be necessary to book in advance, in order to be sure of timely service.

Mayfair's number is 01604 631111. 

I suggest that once you arrive at the venue, you form a party of four for transport purposes, and book your ride.

We should aim to leave the Sunnyside at about midnight on the Saturday.

As a back-up, I have also confirmed with another large firm, Bounds Taxis (01604 626262) that their cars also always run on the meter, and that the fare would also be about 8.


Congratulations to Cathy for organising her first, very successful, quiz, and to Alan and Katie for winning it.  They have chosen a copy of the DVD of Joe Brown's film, What A Crazy World, donated by Peaksoft, as their prize.