SUNNYSIDE 11 HOTEL For the past two years, we have used the Innkeepers Lodge Northampton East as our base hotel for our annual event at the Sunnyside, Northampton. I block-booked the hotel for next year's show, on the weekend of March 18-20. However, this hotel, and our back-up, Innkeepers Lodge Northampton South, are being transferred to the Travelodge chain this year. This would make them unsuitable for us, as breakfast would no longer be available at the adjacent carvery, we would be unable to use the meeting room for our Friday night jam session, and there would be complications with the booking procedure. By coincidence, Kevin Summerfield has mentioned to me an attractive alternative base very close to the Sunnyside. This has almost the same number of rooms, would provide breakfasts, offers a budget room rate, and has a room that may be suitable for the jam session. I have arranged with the manager to visit the location later in the year. All existing reservations (everyone who booked a room last year has been offered first refusal) will be transferred to the new location, once I have paid a visit there, and if necessary, to others in the area.