Ron, as all his friends called Billy, was a good friend of mine and when I watched him perform his rock 'n' roll stage act he was different - a real class act. And I mean class.

He was cool, sophisticated and handled himself extremely well.

He had wild audiences eating out of his hand. Even if his show was sexy, it was done with taste.

When I lost my father when I was on tour, I was in a really bad state, but Ron and another friend helped me enormously. They nursed me through it. That's friendship and I'll never forget him for that alone.

There was a time when Ron was having trouble over a girl and he phoned me. I told him to come over to my place in Hertfordshire, which has its own forest. Ron was a keen ornithologist as well as animal lover and he spent the weekend in the woods, looking at birds and just chilling out. I'd like to think that when he left he was feeling much better, his problem sorted.

Tribute track from Marty's CD Solid Gold.

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