The Weather .. NOT so HOT

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The Weather .. NOT so HOT

Postby cathy » Sat Aug 19, 2006 2:02 pm

Well .. Whats happened to the bl**dy weather , I thought the weather forecast for August was supossed to be HOT HOT HOT , I didn't like it when it was 100 but 70 - 80 would be very nice :P :wink:
Today we have had sun, wind, rain and it's flippin COLD and we have two Brilliant weekenders in Northampton this weekend ..

The 'Baloon Festival' at Northampton Racecourse
The 'American Car Show' at Billing Aquadrome ...

I'm staying in all weekend if it doesn't warm up tomorrow.

I have to save MORE pennies (but thats another story) :shock: :lol: xxx
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