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Saturday Club
 recordings, mid-1960s.
Reach Out For Your Loving Touch.
My Baby Left Me.
Dance The Night Away.
Bye Bye.
She's So Far Out She's In.
Give Me Your Word.
Reach Out For Your Loving Touch.
My Whole World Is Tumbling Down.
Find Out What's Happening.
Recorded mid-1960s
 by Kevin Summerfield.

Radio Luxembourg

9.45pm, 15 July 1962

Full programme.

Radio 1


Unedited interview for documentary.  Spotted by Bob Preston. Sound
Radio 210 Reading.

22 August 1982

Mike Quinn hosts a late night show with Stuart Colman, Mike Read and Billy Fury. Music was provided by Graham Gardner, who has supplied the recording. Possibly Billy's longest existing interview, recorded only six months before his death. Sound 1

Sound 2

It was impossible for me to edit this as one file. Together, these files run for about 85 minutes.

BBC, unknown date Billy speaks about the circumstances in which he acquired his stage name.  The interview clearly took place well after the event, as he wrongly suggests that Maybe Tomorrow had been issued.  In fact, the change took place soon after he joined the first package tour. Sound

We love you Billy Compère's reminiscences. Sound. Recorded 2000. More gen.

No one else did that. Joe Brown and Jeff Barker remember Sound Of Fury session. Sound. Recorded 2000.

Interview. John Dunn on BBC. Sound. Recorded 27 November 1981.

Interview. Gloria Hunniford on BBC. Sound. Recorded 25 November 1982.

Stuart Colman interview The celebrated interview, in two parts. A recording was circulated to radio stations for promotional purposes. Unarguably the most perceptive, sensitive and sympathetic interviews to have been preserved.  Sound 1.

Sound 2. 

Recorded December 1982.

Saturday Club, BBC, 1968. Back in 1968, Billy sang three songs - I Love You, Sweet Little Sixteen and Bye Bye - on the weekly Saturday Club show, backed by a trio called Storm.  The members were Ged Peck (guitar), Graham Dangerfield (bass) and Pete Phillips (drums).
Ged moved on to classical guitar, then studied for a degree before becoming a college tutor and studies manager.
In March 2006, he was clearing out his garage when he found an old reel-to-reel tape.
After 38 years in the cold and damp, it played back to him his long-forgotten recording of that session.
Ged told me:  "Having spend a decade in that business myself, I can honestly say that Bill was the nicest guy you could have ever met."  He said Tony and Pete felt exactly the same way.


Interview Kingstown Radio, Hull. Sound. Recorded 1972.

Top Of The Pops BBC Radio. Compilation. Sound. Broadcast 21 January
1967. Three files supplied
by Bill Marks.

Ideal girl BBC Radio interview. Sound

Opportunity Knocks Billy introduces group on television programme, shortly after heart operation. Sound

Sunnyside interview Recorded in Northampton, before the Sunnyside performance, December, 1982. Sound

Monty Lister interviews These three interviews were forwarded to me by Ray Shenton from Laser Hots Hits radio.  

All of them were recorded backstage at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, in 1960, by Monty Lister, a hospital radio DJ.  He used a mains-powered tape recorder, which was plugged in to one of the light sockets beside the dressing room mirror.  This explains why he had trouble stretching the microphone cable from Gene Vincent to Eddie Cochran.  

I have enhanced Gene's and Eddie's voices, as the recording level was very low.  

There is one poignant passage in the Eddie Cochran interview.  He states that he will be interrupting his tour to fly back to the US for ten daysoin Aprili 17.  He never made that trip, as he was killed in a car crash on the way to the airport at the age of 20, and  Gene Vincent was injured in the same crash.

Billy Fury

Joe Brown

Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran

Lisa Voice interview Lisa interviewed on Saga 106.6FM 29 January 2004.  Recorded by Keith and Linda Sissons. Sound
Like I've Never Been Gone 2004:  Santa's Christmas treat

Marty Wilde presents radio biography in 1998.

BBC Radio Merseyside 60s Top 20 The result of listeners' vote for their favourite 1960s record.  Supplied by Jean Todd. Sound
Michael Winner Film director recalls first day shooting Play It Cool. Sound
Vernons Girls feature Sound
Ready Steady Go 
The History Of British Rock 'n' Roll Two-part radio feature broadcast in November 2006. Sound 1

Sound 2

Keith Skues tribute Broadcast by Radio Norfolk on 24th anniversary of Billy's death, 28 January 2007.  Spotted by Daniel. Sound
Keith Skues interview Broadcast by Radio Norfolk.  Part 1 14 April, 2007.

Part 2 21 April, 2007. Thanks to Bob and Daniel for supplying file.



Pirates defiant Johnnie Walker on Radio Caroline, August 14, 1967. Sound
Wolverhampton City Radio tribute Recorded in 2007 by Moya Gleave. Excellent interviews with Lee Everett Alkin and Albie Wycherley. Sound
BBC radio play Sound Of Fury Broadcast May 2008.  Anton Lesser (left) stars as Billy. Sound
Suzi Quatro interviews Bobby Vee. Broadcast 28 July 2008. Sound
Matthew Shepherd interviews Billy Black Broadcast on Radio Cornwall, 2008. Sound
50th anniversary of Saturday Club Brian Matthew introduces a special edition of Sounds of the Sixties, 4 October 2008. Sound
Parnes' People BBC Radio 2 documentary, , 10 February 2009. Sound
The Great British Songbook Of The 60s (excerpt) BBC Radio 2 feature, 28 December 2009. Tony Blackburn, Cilla Black and David Jacobs discuss Juke Box Jury. Sound
Interview with Billy Fury's 70s drummer Pierre Petrou interviews John Rayner on Radio Northwick Park. 31 January 2010. Sound
50th anniversary of Eddie Cochran's death. BBC Radio 2 feature, 17 April 2010. Sound
Tony Read interview Telephone interview with Matthew Shepherd, BBC Radio Cornwall, 2009. Sound

Tony Read page

Pirates and Pensioners Johnnie Walker feature, BBC Radio 2, 12 August 2010. Sound
The Complete Parlophone Singles Matthew Shepherd interviews Chris Eley, BBC Radio Cornwall, August 2010. Sound
Round Britain Quiz Question posed on BBC Radio 4 quiz, 11 September 2010. Sound
Not Fade Away I'm a great fan of Phil Spector's work, but one of his most irritating traits is his reluctance to end a record properly. Why someone of his genius surrendered his production values when he came to the end of a song defeats me.  Stuart Maconie investigated the practice on BBC Radio 2 in September 2010.  Sound
The Complete Parlophone SIngles/The Complete Dickie Pride Sounds of the Sixties on national BBC Radio 2 featured tracks from our two CDs on 23 October 2010. Sound
The Reunion BBC Radio 4 programme, 27.3.11, brings together Vince Eager, Marty Wilde, Terry Dene, Clem Cattini, Bruce Welch, to reminisce on British pop in the late 50s/early 60s. Sound
50th anniversary of Halfway To Paradise Halfway To Paradise 50th anniversary play, BBC Radio Merseyside, 7.5.11. Sound
Radio Caroline Billy Fury hour. 31 January 2012, marking anniversary of Billy's death. Sound
208 jingles compilation. Pirate radio jingles compilation