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You don't have to be a professional to sound great.

If you're a secret star, send me a recording - an MP3, Real Audio file, or even a tape, and let the world have a listen.

Russ Deighton was born in 1959 in Leeds, where he has lived all of his life. He is a painter and decorator, who often works away from home.

Russ became interested in Billy's music in the 1970s, so when he started singing lessons in the late 90s, it was natural for him to start specialising in Fury material.

"From learning to sing, I have also learned how good the man was, because there are songs I would like to sing, but which I just can't master," said Russ.

The following two tracks are pretty commendable - and Russ tells me he can do even better.

Like I've Never Been Gone

Once Upon A Dream (sorry, this track is lost)

John Hetherington was born in 1957 on the Isle Of Wight, where he still lives.

During his childhood, the jukebox in his father's restaurant was constantly playing hits from the 50s and 60s, so as he lived above the premises, John soon came to know and appreciate the great sounds of Billy, Elvis and Marty Wilde.

In the late 90s, John began learning the guitar, and began singing with the aid of a rhythm guitarist, a bass player and backing tracks - just for fun.

Then in July 2001, John had a phone call from a member of a local band, The Invaders. Their singer had let them down, and he wanted to know if John could help them out. He agreed to do a guest spot on one evening, and in fact had three 20 minute spots at the Shanklin Beach Hotel.

The reception was so good that John was booked for the rest of the season.

In the same month, John travelled to Southampton and spent a day in a studio at the university, where he recorded an eight-track demo CD that he was kind enough to send to me. 

In August 2001, John joined the Isle of Wight group The Invaders, and I had the pleasure of seeing their stunning act in Spring of 2002 (reported in Tail-Pieces).. 

If you'd like to form your own impression of John's talent, listen to  one or both of the tracks below.

I Will (Real Audio)

Maybe Tomorrow (Real Audio)

How we chose John's stage name.


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