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I used to be Jack Good.  Now Iím Father Christmas.


I donít have much to say to you, except what a fantastic event this is and what great taste you all have in supporting Billy Fury.

I reckon that he was, at his peak, the greatest rock and roller in the world.  In the world! 

I know there were others around.  Elvis went into the army and started taking a few pills. Cliff had got religion and started being a bit soft.  Billy rocked on; he was a great rock and roller.

Iím thrilled about this event.

He was the first one of that stature, magnificent stature to write his own songs.

Now people say: "Oh that all started with the Beatles."

It was Billy Fury who did it first and he did it marvellously well and he wrote his songs with all his heart.

We used to get together to try to find ways to get Decca to make his favourite songs, which we finally achieved witn The Sound of Fury, which was a record that Decca really didnít want to make and I donít know why. 

They only gave us six hours, two three-hour sessions to do it and the whole thing was done there and then. 

There was no editing, there was no changing of channels or anything, and the thing was done in six hours, the whole album.

Itís a tremendous tribute to him and the guys who were playing with him; I think itís a major achievement.

Well Iíve said all I have to say about Billy.