Jean Carroll Show, 1960


An American freelance producer of film and video archive material, Ron Furmanek, who is based in New York, discovered this long-lost excerpt on ancient film stock.

After making contact with me, he took the film with him to a specialist studio in Los Angeles, where it was digitised and transferred to DVD.

Jean Carroll was an American comedienne, who had a short-lived sit-com on US television in the early 1950s.

Paul Rumbol tells me that the clip is from the ATV programme Val Parnell's Spectacular : The Jean Caroll Show.  It was recorded on 23 June 1960, and probably broadcast that summer.

There is discussion of the find on this message board.

The intermission card at the end of the recording also has the picture of Dave King, the singer/comedian.

Ron has asked me to do my best to ensure that the clip is not used for commercial purposes.  I have tried various watermarking programs, but those available to the home user all seem to produce either very large files, or problems with video/audio sync, or both.  However, the 320*240 version above, at 15fps, is of far from commercial quality.

Many thanks, Ron.