Several singers and personalities have disappeared from the scene, and we'd like to remedy that.

Do  you have any news of Peter Wynn, Julian X (who appeared at the Ace Café in 2002), Little Tony, Daryl Quist, Johnny Laker (Billy Fury's road manager for a time), Nelson Keene, Sally Kelly, the Brook Brothers or any of the other personalities who helped to make the 60s so swinging, but who have sunk from sight?

If you have any photographs to jog the memory, they would also help.

Pleas e-mail by clicking this link: Where are they now?

Update: I had an e-mail from a lady (sorry, but the e-mail was lost in a server reset at work, so I don't have your name) who has discovered Little Tony's website in his native Italy.

There are even some sound tracks, and Little Tony seems to be going strong.

The address is - 19 October 05.

Today I received the following message from Tom Dunlop: Little Tony was playing a concert Saturday night in Ottawa, Canada.
He stopped after 3 songs. Tony was rushed to the hospital. It is assumed
he had a heart attack.
- 25 April 06.

Pictures courtesy of Mags Cummings, Vince Eager, Moya Gleave, Graham Hunter, Pauline Swindells.