For the latest information on our fund-raising total, or to donate directly,
click here. Recent sums shown below represent cheques paid to the hospital. Debit card payment through Justgiving are detailed on their website. 

Further sums raised at Sunnyside 11, by Pat Young and Rob and Chris Dee at their Evesahm show in October 2011 (370), and sales of the Billy Fury biography and other items by Peaksoft, have taken the total raised to more than 15,000.  For the up-to-date total, please click the Justgiving link above.

22.10.10 Cheque for 568 forwarded in respect of Pat Young and Rob and Chris Dee's show at Evesham.

27.3.10 Cheque for 847 forwarded in respect of Sunnyside 10.

11.2.10 Donation of 130 from Bruce Baker-Johnson from Sunnyside 09 DVDs.

3.11.09 Donation of 500 from Rob Dee and Pat Young from Evesham show.

Donation of 20 from Marie for two CDs and book.

Donation of 5 from Cathy for Paul Staines' CD. - 8 April 08.

Donation of 10 from RF and MS Holloway re Jan's book. - 31 March 08.

Donation of 10 from Jan and 5 from Cathy. - 19 March 08.

Cheque for 750, raised by Rob and Chris Dee, Pat Young and friends at the Evesham concert, forwarded to Alder Hey. - 31 October 07.




Letter to Alder Hey including 1151.88 raised at Sunnyside 07, and from sale of books (which I forgot to mention), stickers and trolley tokens. - 20 March 07.













13 December 06: Donation from Cathy Homann:  5

Thanks and congratulations to Pat, Karen, Chris and Rob Dee, who raised 625 with their show in Evesham this month. - 7 November 06.

Donations from Cathy, Barbara, Tony Philbin, Alan Coombe, Fran Quinn, Michael J. Ramsay, Jackie Butterfield and Marie have made a further 92, which has been sent to the hospital, making a total of 4,598.43.  If I've missed any names, please forgive me and let me know - the total of money is correct, but the names are recorded in two different books. - 15 August 06.

The proceeds from Sunnyside 06 totalled 733.20, bringing our total fund-raising to 4506.43.  This included 223 from the raffle and 125 from the auction. - 20 March 06.

I've received a very generous cheque for 600, as a result of the show held in Evesham last month, on behalf of Pat Young, Karen Parson, Daniel Heeney, Rob Dee and the Fury Sound.  Together with a donation from Mags, this bring our total fund raising to date to 3773.23.

There will also be a further respectable sum from the sales of the biography. - 6 November 05


The heart unit of Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool is now this site's official charity.

Billy was admitted to Alder Hey for treatment of the rheumatic fever that damaged his heart valves and eventually led to his death.

Alder Hey is the biggest children's hospital in Europe, and and it has a heart unit that is in constant need of funds for extra equipment, research, and simply to provide better facilities for the children and their families.

The unit treats 7,000 children a year as out-patients.  It carries out 500 cardiac catheter procedures and 500 heart operations annually.


The operational manager of the unit, Ms Mal Doran, wrote to me: "Many of us still remember Billy with great affection and believe we were robbed of a true star of Liverpool."

If money raised through this site can help to save the life of a single child, I think that is the greatest tribute that we can hope to pay to Billy's memory.

This has come from sales of the Without You album, the proceeds of programme sales and Pauline's quiz at Fury Fest 03 (the festival itself did not make a profit), together with a donation from the Sound Of Fury from the sale of their items at the festival, and a donation from an artist.

November 14 2003:  The above sum includes a donation from Dave Harman, from sales of his FF03 video, and Ray Shenton.

A further 130 was donated to the Billy Fury Bronze fund, which included 30 from sales of CDs donated by Albie Wycherley.

May 25 2004:  When we were planning Fury Fest 04, with the help of Russ Deighton I contacted Sir Jimmy Savile.  As a result, he sent me a cheque for 250 from his charitable trust, to be donated to our Alder Hey appeal.  Every way I  turn while I'm running this site, I meet nice people.

October 28, 2004:  I have now forwarded a cheque raised at the Evesham show by Pat Young, Rob and Chris Dee and Daniel Heeney, for 656, together with a further 25 from the site, which includes a donation from Pauline Swindells.

November 19, 2004:  Further donations totalling 25 from Pauline Swindells, Cathy and Pat, in respect of Johnny Storme's CD.

November 28, 2004:  Further donations totalling 45 forwarded from Marie, DR, Kevin, Bob Taylor, Linda C and Lorraine, in respect of Johnny Storme's CD.

March 22, 2005: This is the cheque for the first instalment of the money raised at the Sunnyside.  That leaves a balance of 1.83 in hand that we owe them, with more to come from record (Bob Sanderson and Kevin Summerfield's donations) and sheet music (Kevin Summerfield) sales on Ebay. April 14:  The total from the SUnnyside amounts to 1408.59.  The balance will be forwarded to the hospital tomorrow..