Fans remember

New Zealand fans

Since May 2005, there have been two British fan clubs.  

The Sound Of Fury. Ms Lisa Voice, Billy's partner, is the patron. supports the work of Billy Fury fans, everywhere.

The Sound Of Fury, founded 1996, the club behind the Bronze Statue envisaged by the founders, Lynda and Peter Keller and still running in a reduced form, no magazine any more, but a newsletter, some events at Mill Hill and Liverpool, Covid-19 permitting.
We are still working with other organisations to bring out CD and DVD releases whenever possible.

Gatherings are held at the cemetery in Mill Hill, north London.

The address for correspondence is The Sound of Fury Fan Club
P.O. Box 157, Frodsham, WA6 1BY

They have a website at

The general e-mail address is

The officers are:

Chris Eley
  Team leader, music business
  and media contact

Jenny Davies
  Correspondence secretary.
Cecilia and Ken Darvell
  The producers of the Magazine.
Peter Davies
Jackie Clark
Media contact (south)

See Mill Hill/Statue page for details of next meetings.

Billy Fury In Thoughts Of You.  Billy's late mother, Mrs Jean Wycherley and his late brother, Albie, were the official founders in 2005. The Fan Club was discontiuned upon Jean's death in 2019. The main organiser was Jenny Warwick.
We appreciate all the work done by the fan club in promoting Billy's songs and memories.