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Billy Fury Billy Fury

By Ralph Alfonso

Let the lights
Shine bright tonight
We want Billy
Billy Fury
Lift us up
Half way to paradise
We want Billy
Billy Fury
All alone
Down the highway
I hear your voice
Singing on the radio
"In Thoughts Of You"
And I wish I could dream
My life away
But then the lights
Shine bright
We want Billy

Billy Fury

..and in 2007, Ralph set his poem to music and first performed it during a visit to the UK, at the Cavern Club, Liverpool.  This is that striking song.

Ralph is a writer/designer/musician in Canada, who has released three CDs of his work in Canada. Ralph's CDs are available from Rough Trade Records in the UK. I can thoroughly recommend Sophisticated Boom Boom, his latest. Click here or on his name above to link to Ralph's site.