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Sound Of Fury magazines
Radio Luxembourg annual 1962. Article ascribed to Billy. (Acrobat reader needed) Right click to save, left click to read.
Radio Luxembourg annual 1964. Article ascribed to Billy. (Acrobat reader needed) Right click to save, left click to read.
Letter written by Billy. Letter
Obituary from NME (wrong birth year) Right click to save, left click to read.
Obituaries from Sun, Mirror and Star.
Song words
(A) King For Tonight
Devil Or Angel
Like I've Never Been Gone
A Thousand Stars
Do You Really Love Me Too
Wondrous Place
In Summer
I Will
I'm Lost Without You
I Love How You Love Me
Once Upon A Dream
Forget Him
Nobody's Child
Last Night Was Made For Love
Halfway To Paradise


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A Thousand Stars Select
Devil Or Angel Select
Forget Him Select
I'm Lost Without You Select
When Will You Say I Love You Select
Last Night Was Made For Love Select


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Jean Todd wrote on the message board: 'You may have seen this picture of Billy before but the pattern to knit it was offered by Marty magazine in the early 60s I think, so I sent off for it. I found the pattern whilst sorting through a lot of old paperwork. Unfortunately I have ticked off pattern rows and written numbers for the rib etc but it wasn't like the usual knitting pattern. It looks as though it has just been typed out (probably on stencil paper) and put through a duplicator (the Gestetner sort, possibly?) and obviously to save on the paper, it has been printed on both sides.

'I knitted my sweater in the same colours as Billy's - main colour white and pattern black; but I made one for the lad next door in main colour black and pattern white.'

It's may be indicative of how slim Billy was because the measurements are 34-36 (37-39) inch bust or chest.'

Jean has very kindly supplied copies of the patterns, which can be downloaded from the links below.  If anyone knits one...please send a photograph.

Pattern page 1    Pattern page 2


I've no information on where this was first published, but Billy modelled this cardigan.  Pat Young (pictured right, wearing it) sent a copy of the pattern to Jean Todd, who kindly forwarded one to me.



Pattern page 1   Pattern page 2   Pattern page 3





T-shirt graphic Transfer
Desktop design Zip file


Screen saver
Geoff Howlett has kindly prepared this screen saver.  Right-click on the link, choose Save As and download it to your computer.  You  must edit the name add .exe to the end, then double-click it.

(Acrobat reader needed)

Because Of Love Right click to save, left click to read.
In Summer Right click to save, left click to read.
Like I've Never Been Gone Right click to save, left click to read.



Explanation in Tail-pieces.

Download front

Download inside

Right-click each link on the right and select "Save target as" to save the front, then the inside page to your desktop.  Open the front page with any art program and print it onto card.  Turn the card back to front and insert it with the front page image at the bottom, then open the inside page with your art program and print it.


The first front page.


Billy's UK singles