John Hetherington, who is featured on our main Secret Stars page, has chosen Johnny Storme as his stage name.

He was invited by a band called The Invaders to put together a Billy Fury tribute show. They will back him for an hour while John sings earlier numbers, then he will do later songs with backing tracks.

However, The Invaders felt that "John Hetherington" doesn't really trip off the tongue.

John wanted us to suggest a stage name and we came up with quite a few suggestions.

His real favourite was Johnny Tempest, but there is an entertainer on the Isle of Wight, where John lives, called Jim Tempest, so they plumped for Johnny Storme.

As Storme and Tempest both came to mind, I can't help feeling there was a subliminal link with Stormy Tempest, from That'll Be The Day...which was filmed on the Isle of Wight.