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The purpose of this site is to preserve material, so that if tapes are wiped or lost - as has happened with many historic television programmes - a record exists. The files on this site exist in a form that is of no commercial advantage to anyone - the images are small and the resolution is much too low to be exploited. No one makes any money from this site. Having said all of that...if anyone feels that I have infringed their rights, I will gladly acknowledge their copyright interest or remove the item from public view. Just e-mail me.
This film was shot during filming of I've Gotta Horse.

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This interview with Billy, Marty Wilde and Joe Brown, recorded for the Border TV programme Beat In The Border in Carlisle in late 1962, was spotted on the internet by Moya Gleave.




Thanks to American archive film producer Ron Furmanek, a 1960 TV recording of Billy singing That's Love has come to light.

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I Will
Don't Knock Upon My Door From Oh Boy!
Nothing' Shakin'
It's Only Make-Believe - slide show

Maybe Tomorrow
From Greatest Hits, 1983. This was recorded in 1982, but not broadcast until after Billy's death.  Thanks to Roger Whitley for providing a recording, and to Alan Coombe for his technical support.
Historic tapes found. Many thanks to the BBC for permission to preserve the sequence.
Original Toyota Yaris ad. Many thanks to Toyota for permission to preserve the ad.


Halfway To Paradise Billy recorded six tracks for the television programme Unforgettable on January 24, 1983. He died on January 28 and the programme was screened on February 3, but only these four tracks were broadcast. 
When Will You Say I Love You
It's Only Make Believe
I'd Never Find Another You and Like I've Never Been Gone have since been circulated unofficially as audio tracks, and they are therefore made available in that form below.

I'd Never Find Another You/Like I've Never Been Gone


Devil Or Angel During his 1982 comeback, Billy made a celebrated appearance on the Russell Harty television show.Initially, he refused to perform Paradise, but he was told that he had a duty to his fans. Billy sang - and he was astounded by the public reaction. Billy was back.
Halfway To Paradise

Guy Clover on Stars In Their Eyes
Heinz - the final set.

Lisa Voice interview part 1
This interview was published on in Quicktime and Windows Media Player 7. Many thanks to them for permission to preserve the file. This interview appears to be the basis for the Daily Mail Magazine interview of January 2001.
Lisa Voice interview part 2

65th birthday Liverpool weekend Granada TV report. Thanks to Ray Shenton for being quick with his VCR.

The Likely Lads Halfway To Paradise argument
His Wondrous Story video trailer.
Complete Collection CD trailer Courtesy of Sound of Fury fan club.
Telstar film trailer
Cliff aims for the stars

Cliff Richard "Junior" and The Shadows made a hilarious appearance in the 1966 puppet film, Thunderbirds Are Go.

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And thanks to Paul Staines for letting me have this scan of the resulting EP cover. FAB!