The 44,000 bronze statue of Billy Fury, a project conceived by Peter and Lynda Keller, and achieved by six years of fund-raising by the Sound Of Fury fan club, was unveiled in the Museum of Liverpool Life on Easter Saturday, 19th April 2003.  Reports below are by Harry, and Mags Cummings.  Photographs below are by Mags and Tony Harte.  






The statue, which is now owned by the Liverpol Museum Service,  was moved on Friday 2nd March 2007 from the museum to a spot beside the Mersey.  Mags Cummings has kindly supplied these photographs - more can be seen on the Billy Fury In Thoughts Of You Fan Club site,


Pictured are Billy's mother, Mrs Jean Wycherley, ???, Billy's brother Albie Wycherley and Mags Cummings.  Pictures courtesy of Mags, who writes: "It's a fantastic location and shows the statue off so well and people were stopping and looking at it as soon as it was finished."

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BILLY ROCKED ON!  Jack Good speaks

Listen to dedication on Sounds Of The 60s, BBC Radio 2

That was quite a day.

When we arrived at the Museum of Liverpool Life at 1pm, Maureen and I had been up and about since 5am.

We set off at 6 to collect Jack Good, one of the world's heroes of rock 'n' roll, from his home in Oxfordshire, and deliver him safely to Liverpool.

We met our son, Richard, an adopted Liverpudlian, and at the museum, debated whether we were too early.  In view of the extraordinary number of people who were already gathering, we decided we should stay around.




The 44,000 bronze statue was swathed in a blue cloth in the courtyard beyond the doors, and we were encouraged to move into the yard beyond, where the speeches were to take place.

Jack, meanwhile, was being collected by Peter Keller, who first had the idea for the statue, in a car, which was escorted to the museum by motorcycle outriders.

I had learned a few days ago that in view of the number of people expected to attend, there were likely to be two unveilings, and I had briefed Jack on this on the way.




(On the Friday, about 200 people, misled by Press publicity, had arrived to look at the statue, and were disappointed to be turned away.)

The early arrivals moved through the courtyard to an outer area, where a small stage had been erected for speeches.

At 2.25, Laura and her 11-year-old sister Emily performed a charming duet of Collette, with Jeff Morgan, lead guitarist of The Persuaders, providing accompaniment.  For no clear reason, they then had to do it again, but it doubled the pleasure for the audience.



Watched by Albie and Jean Wycherley, who were sitting beside the stage, Dr David Fleming, the Director of National Museums in Liverpool, introduced the proceedings, then Mr Eddie Clein, a former Mayor of Liverpool, spoke.



Things really came to life when the legendary Jack Good stepped on to the stage. Nowadays, Jack treasures his privacy, but he generously agreed to pay his own tribute to Billy by travelling from his home in the south of England.  

Since he arrived, he had been besieged by fans seeking his autograph, and simply wanting to talk to him.  Jack spoke for about two minutes, and I hope that in the very near future, I will be able to add a sound file to the site.

The quote that will remain in everyone's memory was very simple.



"At his peak, he was the greatest rock 'n' roller in the world.  In the world!"

Jack's direct, emphatic speech changed the entire feeling of the event.  We were cheerful, happy and proud when we arrived, but Jack focused us on the scale and significance of the life of Billy Fury.
Click here to read full text of Jack's speech

Maureen Bowden and Chris Eley, two of the syndicate who run the Sound Of Fury fan club, spoke next about the long road that led to the unveiling of the statue, from the day when Peter and Linda Keller first had the idea.

The club  have been supported and helped by many people, but the people entitled to the credit for raising funds for the statue are the fans, led by the Sound of Fury.

After the speeches, we moved back to the courtyard, where the statue was unveiled jointly by Jack Good and Eddie Clein.  The first shift of invitees were then ushered into the museum, so that the statue could be unveiled all over again.

There are many photographs of the statue on this site, so I will leave you to judge just how striking and impressive it is.

I took over escorting Jack again after the unveiling (Chris Eley and Linda had given him lunch while I had some family time) and we walked over to the nearby Maritime Museum, where refreshments were being served.






Chris presented Jack and other guests with superb framed portraits of Billy, then Jack, his friend Paul, Maureen, Richard and I escaped to a hostelry for some reviving beverages.

We walked back to the Holiday Inn, where we were staying that night, and had an early dinner in the bar, then Jack went to his room to rest.


Jack is a devout Catholic, and I had agreed that we would get him to the Easter Vigil at the cathedral that night.  The original intention was that during the concert at the Philharmonic, we would excuse ourselves and go to the cathedral, but Jack needed time to recuperate.

I arranged a wake-up call and a taxi for him, then we took Paul to the concert, where we met many old friends, and made many new ones.

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In November 2010, an extra plaque was fixed to the plinth, recording the date of its unveiling, and the fund-raising efforts.

It reads: "This statue was donated to the nation by The Sound Of Fury official Billy Fury Fan Club.
It was unveiled on the 19th April 2003 by the legendary Mr Jack Good and Cllr Eddie Clein, assisted by the
Guest of Honour, Mrs Jean Wycherley and in the presence of Billy's family, friends and fans worldwide."

(Picture by Jean Todd)



We: Mags, John, Rick and Maggie arrived at 10.15 and met Jean and Ray Shenton. 

We went into the museum (which is free of charge) and there were around 25+ people already there including Jean W and Albie. 

Eventually, 36 people attended.

Jean is looking extremely well these days and looked very pretty in a pink outfit. 

I spotted Chris Eley and Colin Paul with their respective wives and other familiar faces who I couldn't put names to.

Ray pointed out Tom Murphy to me, I was getting very excited. Jean introduced me to Jean Wycherley and I shook her hand, meeting up again after more than 40 years,  brilliant.  What a lovely lady she is and she seemed to know me, probably because Ray and Jean have told her all about my exploits in the sixties! 

Outside in the courtyard there was a statue clothed in a blue waterproof cover.  This was removed to reveal a white cloth covering.

At this point my husband John rushed out and stood beside the BBC cameraman with the video camera.  

The assembled all went into the courtyard, which is in fact a children's playground, to await the unofficial unveiling. 

The cover was removed and there was the wonderful bronze of Billy which we have been waiting so long to see. 

It really is an amazing likeness and captures the spirit of the great man.  Jean and Albie were summoned for a photo/TV call and mounted the plinth to stand alongside Billy. 

They both looked very proud and Jean was obviously moved by the experience.




Albie announced to all that it was Billy's birthday, I think we all knew that apart from maybe the Press.

Somehow it made the occasion all the more meaningful.  Billy must have been proud looking down on us all. 

We each took our turn to pose for photographs alongside the bronze and chatted to one another about Billy and what a fantastic experience we were having.

Colin Paul said that he knew me from the message board and so did Chris Eley...I'm not sure whether that's a good thing.

We stayed for around an hour, not wanting to leave our Billy behind.  I shook the hand of Tom Murphy and thanked him so much for giving us this wonderful tribute to the greatest British rock and roller of all time.







Things could hardly have been better arranged, as Billy's brother Albie was appearing in concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on the night of the unveiling.

There were almost 740 people in the hall, a high, vaulted space with an art deco feel to it, and a great atmosphere for shows of this nature. 

Edited, silent excerpts from Play It Cool, I've Gotta Horse and assorted videos and television programmes were projected on to an overhead screen throughout the evening.  This was one example of the investment that the promoters had clearly made in the event.  I believe a video projector was being used, and I was once quoted 400 for the day's hire of one of these items.  I also know how much time and money is involved in contacting copyright holders of films, videos and television programmes to arrange licensing for theatrical displays.

The sound system was superb and the lighting was very slick.

Compere was Frankie Connor, a presenter on a Liverpool radio station, who wrote all four tracks on Albie's superb EP, I Never Met Colette. I keep recommending this CD to folk who know of Albie's work covering Billy's numbers, and perhaps his Joe Meek tracks, as the numbers on the CD give an extra insight into his talents,

The show was opened by 16-year-old Laura from Northampton, who had performed with her 11-year-old sister Emily at the unveiling.  Laura has become familiar to many of us through her support appearances at several Fury events, and she just gets better and better. 

Her set included the song for which she first became known, Legends Never Die, and Like I've Never Been Gone, with which she is featured on the Without You CD.  She was kind enough to mention the web site.

She showed her confidence and professionalism by overcoming sound problems that could have proved shattering to a lesser performer.  The backing track for her first number appeared to start ahead of cue, and at one point, it simply stopped, producing a dead silence for perhaps 30 seconds.

Laura said with a smile:  "That wasn't supposed to happen," then started to sing unaccompanied in an unshaken, clear voice that hit the note immediately.  Her composure drew two prolonged bursts of applause, and the incidents, which could have destroyed the set, may well prove in the long term to have helped her.  Everyone left impressed with her performance, her personality and her sheer guts.

The set ended with another duet of Collette with Emily, accompanied by the Persuaders' lead guitarist, Jeff Morgan. Great stuff, girls! 

We're all looking forward to seeing what Laura can do with her featured spot at Fury Fest in September.

Wee Willie Harris and Tommy Bruce's repertoire will be familiar to those who make a point of catching 60s shows.  Two superb rocking sets - but why no Rockin' at the 2is, Willie?

The pair were backed by a very tight and competent four piece, Rocking Horse, who were new to me.

After the interval, Colin Paul and the Persuaders provided us with one of the most compelling and exciting live rock sets any of us are likely to see nowadays.

These guys are not just good,  they are stormers.

With a collection of mainly Elvis numbers, Colin and the lads set the theatre alight.

Colin's gymnastic performance was never less than awesome, and he deserved every second of his standing ovation.

The Persuaders returned to the stage to back Albie's performance of Billy Fury numbers.  After his recurrent health problems, it was great to see Albie back in  form, and the audience lapped it up. One highlight was the appearance on stage of his wonderful mother, Jean, who took his hand.



From Chris Eley, syndicate member of Sound of Fury Fan Club

When  the covers came off the statue, it was an incredibly emotional
moment and I do hope that others felt that way (despite the cold wind )on

It was great to see so many Billy fans  together at one time, and
so many familiar faces.

Please don't  think I am being condescending when I say a great big thanks to everyone for making the effort to get there and to show how much this great star is still loved.

We were all so busy that I know several people who wanted a word had to make do with a grunt or a nod, and we apologise for that- but the pressure of the day was tremendous.

The great thing about Jack Good was that he gravitated naturally and quietly to
where he was most needed, and dealt so wonderfully with everyone. A
combination of star quality and a natural affinity with people who love
Billy, and rock'n'nroll!

Also present from the Sound of Fury were Maureen Bowden,  Jean Prosser and  Jackie Clark, who was helping Linda and I  by escorting Jack Good on the day whilst Mo and Jean were meeting and greeting  folk.

Without the intense hard work and not a little expenditure from the Museum of Liverpool Life this would not have happened on the day that it did,and perhaps not this  year either.

We are so grateful to the director and everyone there but in particular to the hands-on people, Janet Dugdale (a tremendous lady), and her equally warm and
friendly  staff, Helen and Anne Marie, and also to Stephen Guy, who handled
the press side.

Also to Councillor Eddie Clein ,the talented gutsy Laura (it's not easy facing that many folk-especially at 16), and Martin.

Tom Murphy, such a talented, genuine, lovely guy, has, in my opinion, captured the essence of "live" Billy; there is almost movement in the statue. Thanks Tom, and to Chris and everyone at the foundry.

I am sure that I have forgotten to thank someone important or say something
I should, but if I/we have omitted anything, offended anyone, it would never
be intentional.

For once in my life I did not take notes of the day or the highly enjoyable concert (a great night from everyone who performed).

My own Linda has worked so hard and stood by me for these past six
years and so I must give her a big thanks, and also to each and every one
of our/my other personal friends who know who they are (but may not realise how great they have been). Without them and their support and thoughtful gestures I personally could not have hung on in there for over six years .

I include Peter and Lynda Keller in that friendship.  They have remained
regrettably unsung in the press/media, but not on your site thankfully.

They can feel very proud. A great vision, lovely folk, and we have had made some lovely friends amongst those great Liverpool folk.

I know that not everyone approved/approves of this monument to Billy and
everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially those who really knew him.

All I will say (and this is also a personal comment-not from the SOF), is
that this has been done out of love and respect for Billy, and if so many
fans of all ages felt the need, through that love and respect, to contribute anything at all to the Bronze Fund, then can that be a bad thing, or a wrong thing?

That's not something for the likes of me to decide.

I did, however, see waves of love for Billy on the day. As for the statue,
"res ipsa loquitur" - the thing speaks for itself (let the facts speak for

From the message board
Posted by Albie Wycherley/Chris Hewitt on April 20, 2003, 5:49 pm
Sincere thanks from Albie Wycherley/Jason Eddie , Chris Hewitt and Jean Wycherley to all those 737 people who paid to see a great night dedicated to one of England's and Liverpools rock and pop heroes.To those people who didn't come to the Philharmonic, you missed the best Billy Show ever,when else would you ever see Billy on a big screen video over the stage,whilst down below on the stage Billy's brother was singing one of Billy's songs,holding Billy's Mum's hand stood in front of Bill's first guitar now fully restored to its original 1950's condition- you will perhaps never get an opportunity to see that again,thanks to all those people -the audience who made the " Billy Fury show of shows" worthwhile and also to all the superb artists and Frankie Connor and the production crew and a special thanks to Kevin Summerfield,Laura and her sister.


Posted by Pierre on April 20, 2003, 6:38 pm , in reply to "Thankyou to those who came to the Liverpool concert Concert"

It was a pleasure and an honour to be there and the thanks is to you all, especially Albie.



Posted by Diane Wardle on April 20, 2003, 9:04 pm , in reply to "Thankyou to those who came to the Liverpool concert Concert"

Thank you Albie and Chris. It was a pleasure to be there. A great show and a very special day.
I loved the bronze.It was great seeing so many familiar faces and catching up with friends. Moya did you know that Albie dedicated a song to you on stage? Jean and Ray Shenton it was great meeting you at last. Thank you Albie, Jean and Chris, Colin Paul and the Persuaders and everyone else involved in making it a really memorable day.


Posted by Moya - T.B.F.F.C. on April 20, 2003, 9:22 pm , in reply to "Thankyou to those who came to the Liverpool concert Concert"

Chris ~ O.K. there's no need to rub it in!!! I tried SO HARD to be there....along with a lot of other people who tried for me too. There was NOTHING I would have loved more. I felt like Cinderella except I didn't have a fairy godmother.
I stared at the pumpkin sitting on my kitchen bench, set a mouse trap - but nothing happened.
(Daniel, where were you when I needed you)?
Albert, I knew you would do 'Our Kid' proud.
 Luv U & yer Mam to bitz. M x


Posted by Don & Eileen Albert on April 21, 2003, 10:31 am , in reply to "Thankyou to those who came to the Liverpool concert Concert"

Thank you for a memorable night. Albie did his brother proud and when Jean held his hand while he sang Half way to paradise I think it must have brought a lunp to every body,s throut if not a tear to most peoples eyes. What a Performance, again a BIG THANK YOU.

Don and Eileen.


Posted by Tom Murphy on April 20, 2003, 9:20 pm , in reply to "News & Reviews Unveiling & Philly Show."

Best wishes to everyone who attended the unveiling and concert.

Thank you again asking me to carry out this commisison and to everyone who made it happen.

Take care



Posted by Mags on April 21, 2003, 2:30 am , in reply to "Re: News & Reviews Unveiling & Philly Show."

You've not only captured the likeness but also the spirit of the great man. Thanks again Tom.


Posted by marie on April 21, 2003, 10:36 am , in reply to "Re: News & Reviews Unveiling & Philly Show."

i can only endorse the previous 2 emails. absolutely incredible.
lots of love,


Posted by kevin on April 21, 2003, 12:02 pm

Just 3 days to go and Laura's acoustic guitarist (a great friend Nick McNulty)unavoidably had to drop out. Laura had been invited by The Sound of Fury fan club to perform a song prior to the unveiling (a great honour)and, of course she was due to appear at The Philharmonic Hall in the evening.
I rang Colin Paul and (God bless him) he gave me the 'phone number of Jeff Morgan, lead guitarist of The Persuaders. Jeff was only too happy to help. He liased with Nick for the arrangement. We met up on Saturday morning for sound checks - did a quick rehearsal in Laura's dressing room - and then rushed off to the unveiling.
Jeff - you saved our bacon! Thank you for a superb job, both at the unveiling and at the concert. After their performance at the concert, Laura and Emily sneaked into the audience to watch the show and were totally in awe of the performance by Colin Paul and The Persuaders. Laura and Emily were thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you. Once again, "many thanks Jeff."
Posted by kevin on April 21, 2003, 1:15 pm

Anybody fancy aging 10years in one week?
Such an historic weekend for Billy Fury fans...
It was an honour for Laura to be invited to sing at the unveiling ceremony prior to Albie's Philharmonic Hall concert.
One week to go and Laura has still not recovered from a virus of some kind. Hospital tests rule out tonsillitis and meningitis (thank heaven)and the new medicine appears to be working.
3 days to go and Laura's guitarist has to drop out - see seperate posting Jeff Morgan Lifesaver.
1 day to go and Laura's voice is reduced to a whisper. Sister Emily aged 11 is put on standby!
The best that Laura could manage was a soft harmony line on Colette with Emily taking lead vocals.
9.15am - I pick up Laura and Emily and head for Liverpool. During the journey, Emily is comforting Laura who is suffering severe headaches.
12.30pm - We arrive at The Philly and Laura rests up in her dressing room before Jeff Morgan arrives to run through Colette. Laura's voice is improving!
A quick sound check and off to the unveiling. What a marvelous turn out! What an achievemant by The Sound of Fury fan club!
Laura's voice holds out duetting with Emily.
Drive to hotel and check in.
7.30pm - Laura is due on stage in 10 minutes and I am at the sound desk trying to locate the sound engineer when Emily runs up to me. "Help - Laura's trouser zip has broken"
I gave Emily my VIP pass and told her to give it to her mum so that she could get into the dressing room. A helpful stage hand said to Laura "just take them off". Laura was not amused and was in tears by then. Mum arrived and sorted things out. For those people in the front rows - the safety pins were not a punk fashion statement - they were a necessity.
Laura starts her performance and the backing track jammed on her first song! By this stage, yours truly was nearly in tears!
I was so proud of the way that she coped with everything and completed the performance - and didn't little sis Emily do well!
Sunday - Lie in at hotel. We returned to Royal Dock at lunchtime and visit the statue.
On the journey home, we can now look back and laugh at the mishaps.
Thank you to all the fans who came up to us and were so understanding and so complimentary.
It is a pleasure to be involved and we look forward to meeting up with you all again at Fury Fest weekend. (Laura will be taking a spare pair of trousers)


Posted by Linda on April 21, 2003, 3:51 pm , in reply to "Re: Jeff Morgan - Lifesaver!"

I would just like to echo what Harry has said about Laura and Colin. Laura you are wise beyond your years and I feel sure that you are destined for a wonderful future. Colin you are just incredible!! The work you must have put in to give us such a perfect performance --- so many hours I am sure. Thank you and I can't wait to see you again! Albie I cried so much I could hardly see you but I loved every second!! As much as I adore it I was so glad you had'nt rehearsed "Lady" or I would have ended up on the floor!! It would be lovely to hear it next time. I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would have been if Billy could have been on stage beside you and Mum. Thankyou all so much for a day I never thought I would see. I just can't stop thinking about it!!!


Posted by pat on April 21, 2003, 4:23 pm , in reply to "Re: News & Reviews Unveiling & Philly Show."



Posted by Linda on April 21, 2003, 4:51 pm , in reply to "Re: News & Reviews Unveiling & Philly Show."

Tom the bronze is simply stunning. How thrilling to think that 250,000 people pass through the museum each year and are going to see this amazing tribute to the man we all love so much. Our Billy. You must be a proud man today and rightly so.


Posted by p at on April 21, 2003, 4:56 pm

i have only just got home from liverpool a quick cup of tea and read some of the messages havent had time to catch up yet but just want to say what a great weekend it has been and to thank every one for every think Tom Murrhy for the wonderful statue Colin Paul laura Emily and
Aldie for the great show all the lovley billy fans that i have met i will catch up later THANK YOU ALL and EVERY ONE FOR THE BEST SHOW AND WEEK END I HAVE HAD luv pat


Posted by Mags on April 21, 2003, 8:40 pm , in reply to "Re: Panic Over"

As I said to you at the unveiling Kevin, Laura is a star and little Emily is following hard on her heels by the looks of it, what a little smasher! Thanks Laura for bringing some light into our lives you are a lovely and talented girl. You handled your problems on stage like a real trooper. Your parents must be very proud of both of their daughters.


Posted by Mags on April 21, 2003, 8:46 pm , in reply to "Re: Jeff Morgan - Lifesaver!"

I can only echo the words of Harry and Linda. Fantastic Colin, can't wait to see you in Macclesfield with Ray Shenton. Albie, you did your brother proud and your lovely Mother. She must have felt such emotion watching you up there with Billy on the screen. A magical night. I would also like to say how much I enjoyed Wee Willie Harris and Tommy Bruce, both true pros. Can't believe that wee man is aged 73
gosh I'd like some of that energy.


Posted by Laura and Emily on April 22, 2003, 4:01 pm

Hi all! Me and my sister Emily would just like to say a very big THANKYOU to all involved at the unveiling of the Billy fury statue and all at the concert later that evening. Thankyou also to everyone we spoke to that day, you were all so nice.
Well, what a fantastic day! I felt so lucky to be able to sing to you all in such a beautiful theatre and infront of such a large and friendly audience.
Apart from my trouser zip breaking 5 minutes prior to me due on stage all ran very smoothly and the day flew by!!
Yep, my act encountered a few technical hitches but thankfully they were overcome with the help of a very supportive audience, Thankyou!
As I was first up on stage I sneaked into the audience and managed to watch the rest of the show (hee hee!) and wasn't it fantastic! The artists who performed that night were brilliant. They were also friendly towards myself and Emily backstage which was nice.
To be at the unveiling of the bronze statue was an honour. It's nice to know that me and Emily shall be able to go visit the statue in years to come and look back on the memories of such a fantastic day. Thanks again to everyone. What a day to remember!


Posted by Peter Keller on April 22, 2003, 10:33 pm

Hi, to all you Billy fans,
I don't know where to start thanking everybody for their help and support, but I know without THE SOUND OF FURY FAN CLUB and all of you, we wouldn't have our statue today. I now have an insite to the amount of work that Jean, Maureen, Chris, Jackie, Claire and of cause late Mick have done and believe me it is hard work. So I would like to personally thank all of them and also apologise for all the late night phone calls I troubled them with. It goes without saying that without the fans there would be no fan club. I would like to thank you all for keeping up the fight to keep Billy's name alive. If I were to thank everybody individually, I would fill this web site twice over. I was proud to represent THE SOUND OF FURY FAN CLUB at all of the meetings that I attended on your behalf. I hope and pray that our Fan Club goes from strength to strength the patential and the people are in place to take it ALL THE WAY TO PARADISE.

Hope you all had a WONDROUS DAY. Lets hope next April we can all meet again same place same time.
Thanks to you ALL,


Posted by Jeff Morgan on April 22, 2003, 10:38 pm , in reply to "Jeff Morgan - Lifesaver!"

Thanks Kevin for your kind words, I really enjoyed backing Laura and Emily, it was a pleasure to listen to them and it shows that the music of Billy Fury can live on through the younger generation. Hope that we all meet up again in the future.


ROMAN HUT, August 2005

This was how the statue looked when I visited in August 2005, next to a bizarre "Roman" hut erected by the museum for an exhibition.

The old statue prelim page was such a major news effort that I couldn't bear to discard it - so it's archived here.