Our aim is to keep this site as a Billy Fury Archive of Harry Whitehouses hard work and add additonal material from the Sound of Fury archives and new material. We welcome contributions. Please e-mail me with ideas.

9th July 2021 - Added, Billy Fury Newsletter July to September 2021.

9th April 2021 - Added, Billy Fury Newsletter April to March 2021.

20th January 2021 - Added, Billy Fury Newsletter January to June 2021.

29th October 2020 - Added, Sound of Fury Fan Club Magazines to Archive nos 27 to 40 and updated "The Fans" link.

October 2020 - Added, Billy Fury Newsletter October to December 2020.

August 2020 - Added, Chase Webster original hit - Like I've Never Been Gone.

July 2020 - Added, The Story of Chad Webster in interesting items.

June 2020 - Added, Sound of Fury Fanclub Magazine Archive nos 1 to 20 (1997 to 2003).
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May 2020 - Starting to add new material as quickly as possible.

October 2018 - We took over the site as an Archive and will leave it as it was, created in 1998. But add a link for new material in the menu.

August 2018 - Development of Billyfury.com was suspended as Harry Whitehouse wanted to close the site.